keven brennan

"This is my argument: Unbridled joy and wisdom can be lovers.
In my paintings, one is always trying to satisfy the other."

Keven Brennan is a painter, poet, and musician. HIs work ranges from large canvases to smaller, intimate, miniature improvisations that comment on attitudes toward modern life. His inspiration owes much to the diverse urban community of Los Angeles.

Artwork Series 6

"Current Works"

a video of mixed media artwork
2014 - present

video #1
video #2 (artist at work)

"I now know what every painting I ever created, and every song I ever wrote was about; and the duality it presented, as well as my subconscious challenge to reconcile the two."

- Keven Brennan

Artwork Series 5

"Rebirth of the Unknown"

an exhibition of mixed media on claybord
2011 - 2014

"There's a steady stream of communication flowing between us, buried deep within unconscious movement and gesture. It’s a driving urge to transmit a signal
and connect... Is anybody out there?"

- Keven Brennan

Artwork Series 4

"Romance of the Rubble... is anybody out there?"
an exhibition of pastel, ink, and pen on claybord
2009 - 2010

"We agreed that it was daylight. We were not dreaming, and the world had come to an end. Most structures had been pushed to sea where they yawned and creaked and sparked. "Ha!" she said, squinting into the distance, "someone’s drying their clothes."

- Keven Brennan

Artwork Series 3

"In the Clouds with My Ancestors"
an exhibition of art on cabinets, cutting boards, and door
2006 - 2008

"I've never touched them physically.
But I listen and I hear rhythmic shuffling.
I end up in their dreams.  I speak in tongues.
The paint is mine and the hands are mine,
but the things I create sometimes mystify me.
This work is a thank you to those
ancestors still dancing in the clouds."

- Keven Brennan

Artwork Series 2
Pastels (2002 - 2005)

Artwork Series 1
Acrylics, Oils, and Spray Paint (1983 - 2003)

To purchase the book of the "In the Clouds with My Ancestors" exhibit
along with the artist's inspirations and thoughts:

an exhibition of a...
By Keven Brennan